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      "What do you mean by a right smart parcel?"

      "O, come off, Monty," called the more prosaic Gid Mackall; "you know we didn't have no artillery. If we'd had, we'd a blowed 'em clean offen the hill."This is the end.

      "It was the Star of Bethlehem."

      "Great Jehosephat, you didn't let me git more'n a spoonful. But where are the boys?"The "Captain" smashed the window with a backward blow of his fist, thrust his head out and yelled the rallying-cry of the Knights:

      Perfect quiet reigned in the regiment. The men were mostly asleep. Those who were awake were intently watching the hill for some sign of the enemy, or as silently foreboding the happenings of the morrow."I'm sorry," Norma said again.



      CHAPTER XXI. CHATTANOOGA AT LAST"Slavery," Dodd said. "Oh, sure, maybe somebody knows about it, but it's got to be kept quiet. And if anybody got backwell, look."


      She was afraid of Reuben, she fled before him like a poor little lamb, trembling and bleatingand yet she would sometimes long for the inevitable day when he would grasp her and fling her across his shoulders.RE: Fruyling's World